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Hussain Sons are one of the oldest jewelers in the sub-continent since 1957 for more than 110 years it has been a family business, the journey started from India before partition then moving on towards Oman and Pakistan, Haji Ismail Haryani has contributed many years as a member of the Jeweler’s .. 

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In this new era of life, the smartest investment in jewelry is gold. In other words Gold is Money. It is a precious metal that has a demand in the world. In the time of inflation and unpredictable rises of markets, gold is the best metal which may help in the time of uncertainties.


Any doubt about the allure of diamonds? The Simple element of carbon, which is mold once in heat and becomes a beautiful resource on the planet. It is known as hard material in the whole world and amount for their beauty and brilliancy. Diamond is used for medicinal purposes and to protect from enemies in battles and defend from evil eyes



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